Reflection for Wednesday, May 16, 2018: 7th Week of Easter.

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Whitney, Tamora
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It's still Easter, but the season is drawing to a close. And while Jesus is always with us, historically he was physically here on earth for a while, before he wasn't. In today's gospel, Jesus is concerned because while he was here on earth he was able to protect and save his people – and through his death he saved us all, but with his death he would not physically be here. So he sends out his disciples, like he was sent, to help and protect and save others.|Jesus prays to God in the gospel to protect us because the world is harsh. He prays to keep us from evil, because there are bad things around us. He prays that we will be consecrated in truth. In so many ways we are like Jesus. Like him, our eventual home is not in this world. And like him we are sent to save.|In the first reading Paul takes this mission and consecration seriously, and in many ways he is like Jesus. He has been with the Ephesians, but now he must leave. He charges the elders to take care of themselves and their people. He charges them to protect the people. While Paul was there he could help them and protect them, but he must go now. He knows there are dangers around. The world is harsh. There are bad things around. He says when he is gone some will be like wolves to attack and he won't be there to protect them, so they must remember what he taught and be consecrated in the truth.|And all of us are disciples. We are all charged to help and protect and save others.  Jesus isn't physically here on earth with us, but we know his teachings and he is in our hearts. We need to remember what he taught us, and take our mission and consecration seriously to save. His word is truth and we are consecrated in the truth.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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