A Weekend Retreat by Fr. Kevin Schneider, S.J.

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Schneider, Kevin, S.J.
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Creighton University, Online Ministries
This retreat was given at the Demontreville Jesuit Retreat House near Lake Elmo, Minnesota, January 14-17, 2010.|Fr. Schneider was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisc. and is the second eldest of six boys. He graduated from Creighton University in 1982, the Weston School of Theology in 1993 and was ordained in 1994. |He is a member of the Jesuit Community at Creighton Preparatory High School, in Omaha, Nebraska, where he teaches sacraments and is the assistant director of spiritual development for parents, faculty, staff and alumni as well as the assistant chaplain for many athletic teams. He is a life-long Packer and Bluejay fan.|A School of Prayer|The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola teach many ways to pray. Taking time away from busy-ness of life gives opportunities to reflect and pray. Stories offer a creative avenue to notice the presence of Jesus in these lives. These talks share stories and experiences that have helped make significant growth in the journey to Finding God in All Things. Come and walk towards the love of our Lord|Talk # 1 : Notice and Be Still.|Talk # 2 : Seeds that I Choose to Nourish.|Talk # 3 : To Be Intentional, Examen.|Talk # 4 : Using All for Christ.|Talk # 5 : : We bring Each Other to the Eucharist.|Talk # 6 : As Sin Overwhelms…We Walk.|Talk # 7 : The Journey of the Incarnation.|Talk # 8 : Where’s My Car?|Talk # 9 : Ordinary People Called to Serve.|Talk # 10 : Potter’s Hands Teach Us.|Talk # 11 : The Journey to Suffering.|Talk # 12 : Jesus’ Death Serves.|Talk # 13 : Notice the Invitation to Newness of Life.|Talk # 14 : Jesus Christ’s Desire, Our Response.
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