Reflection for April 27, 2011: Wednesday in the Octave of Easter.

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Soto Becerra, Patricia
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The readings today talk about miracles and so I want to reflect about miracles. I do not want to discuss the definition of the word "miracle": if I go to the internet and google "what is a miracle", I retrieve about sixteen million entries! I prefer to go with my personal operative definition of "miracle" through two examples:||My first example, inspired by the Gospel of Luke, is about the miracle of interpersonal relationships. Often I feel overwhelmed by the need of networking to build a professional career. I feel much more comfortable when I establish a relationship based on the transparent and crystalline principle of enjoying each other's company: when I am eager and open to learn from the other person, with no hurry and no other interest than genuinely to share a bit of my life time with the other person. I wonder whether in a metaphoric way such disposition of mind allowed the disciples to realize that Jesus was with them. How many times should I remember to properly set my mind to welcome and appreciate my interaction with another person and so experience that as a miracle of communication?|The second example, inspired by the first reading, is about the miracle our body is. Nine and a half weeks ago my daughter was born. Our birth experience was the most fantastic event! As a scientist I tried to read research articles about the process of labor and my conclusion is that so far there is not a full understanding of the factors that trigger spontaneous term labor. Actually, I did not need an answer because I felt that when my body and my soul are in communion, we're ready for birth. And only then our labor started ... and then the magic, the love of those who were helping us, came to surround us. There was no urgency. We were just letting my body be. My little baby and my body worked as a unique and perfectly synchronized entity that knew exactly what to do. I did not have to think much. I followed my instincts, my faith. I let my body move by the rhythm of this energy inside myself that was telling me how to do it. And at the right moment my baby came to the outside world with such strength and peace! Then I held her in my arms against my chest and I thanked God for the greatest miracle that my body had gone through, and the empowerment and healing I received from it.|My prayer today is, as you can imagine, to thank God for the miracle of life.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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