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    Creighton University Magazine Spring 2020
    (Creighton University, 2020)
    JESUIT GARDENS Brother Patrick Douglas, SJ, finds powerlifting gives him opportunities to express his faith in Christ and share it with others. Page 9. THE BIG QUESTION University researchers studying the causes of occupational burnout have discovered ways that people can fight it. Page 18. WE ARE MORE THAN MOLECULES The School of Medicine’s new Department of Medical Humanities seeks to foster compassionate care and a deeper understanding of what it means to be human. The premise is that well-rounded health education leads to well-rounded clinicians. Page 20. A CLOUD OF DANGER School of Dentistry and other Creighton researchers are sounding the alarm over use of e-cigarettes, or vaping. Users face gum problems and other dental health issues. Page 26 TO OBEY AND UPHOLD An exemplary Creighton law student who joined the FBI was gunned down in the infamous 1933 Kansas City Massacre. Page 32. IMPACT Creighton Phonathon, thanks to tremendous student callers, is having great success when other universities are abandoning similar efforts. Page 40.
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    Creighton University Magazine Fall 2019
    (Creighton University, 2019)
    JESUIT GARDENS | School of Dentistry associate professor emeritus James Howard, DDS, is spreading the word about the difference a Jesuit education makes, even long after graduation. Page 9. | IN THE CLASSROOM | A chemistry professor is making his subject matter more accessible to students and alumni alike through a class on the chemistry of beer. Page 18. | TREASURE TALES | Rare finds — Creighton-related and not, such as a receipt signed by Abe Lincoln — make their way to the University, where they are treasured and protected. Page 26. | INNOVATING HEALTH CARE | Health care teamwork from a variety of disciplines — nursing, medicine, pharmacy, OT, PT, dentistry and more — improves health and lowers cost, and Creighton is at the forefront. Page 32. | DIVERSITY, VOICES, INCLUSION AND THE WORKFORCE | Businesses and organizations of all sizes are beginning to understand the great value that diversity and inclusion bring to the workplace, and Creighton experts are leading the conversation. Page 36. | THE 12 ANCHORS | A Creighton nursing graduate was one of the Navy nurse POWs captured in the Philippines during World War II. The women are the subject of a new book. Page 40. | IMPACT | The Heaney Pedestrian Bridge, connecting Creighton’s campus and the neighborhoods across the North Freeway, honors two brothers whose lives were shaped by the University. Page 44. | CREIGHTON CONVERSATIONS | A Creighton department dedicated to promoting diversity, especially in the health sciences, has been nationally cited for inspiring young people to consider careers in STEM. Page 56.
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    Creighton University Magazine Summer 2019
    (Creighton University, 2019-09)
    JESUIT GARDENS|A Creighton photojournalism student spent his final semester on an internship in Rome — and got a front seat to the Vatican and Pope Francis. Page 8.
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    Creighton University Magazine Spring 2019
    (Creighton University, 2019-03)
    JESUIT GARDENS|Chances are, if you ever got locked out of your residence hall room, or any Creighton office, you experienced the handiwork of the campus Jesuit locksmith. Page 15.
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    Creighton University Magazine Fall 2017
    (Creighton University, 2017-09) Coleman, Tammy; Fagerland, Maria; Freestone, Ann; Gleisser, Benjamin; Klinker, Adam; Murphy McMahon, Cindy; Rust, Emily; Coleman, Tammy; Fagerland, Maria; Freestone, Ann; Gleisser, Benjamin; Klinker, Adam; Murphy McMahon, Cindy; Rust, Emily
    CREIGHTON CONNECTIONS. Page 6|JESUIT GARDENS|The Rev. Thomas Simonds, SJ, EdD, shares insights on how to more fully appreciate the gifts of the season. Page 11.|BY THE NUMBERS Page 15.|HEALTH BRIEFS. Page 16.|DIALOGUE.|The 500th anniversary of the Reformation is discussed from Lutheran and Catholic perspectives by a Creighton professor and administrator. Page 18.|LESSON PLAN|Alumni and Creighton’s sustainability coordinator offer real-world advice on living a greener life. Page 20.|IS DEMOCR ACY IN CRISIS?|Political scientists, including two at Creighton, are concerned about signs that democracy may be in danger worldwide. Page 24.|AN EQUATION FOR SUCCESS|A recent $10 million gift to the College of Arts and Sciences from alumnus George Haddix, PhD, MA’66, and his wife, Susan, will enhance research and stoke the passions of the next generation of Creighton scientists. Page 30|THE L AST FRONTIER|Through twists and turns, a Creighton alumna falls in love with Homer, Alaska, and a unique form of therapy. Page 38.|A SHINING LIGHT|A professor and professor emerita play key roles in furthering the cause for sainthood of the founder of Boys Town, the famed organization for at-risk youth based in Nebraska. Page 44.|THE MINIMALIST MANAGER|A Creighton business professor says minimalism can bring more meaning to the workplace. Page 46.|IMPACT|From South Korea to Omaha, a nursing scholarship recipient finds Creighton is where she is meant to be. Page 54.|ALUMNI NOTES. Page 55|CREIGHTON CONVERSATIONS|The University’s vice president for University Relations says his is a “dream job.” Page 64.