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NOTICE: In early 2018, after a twelve-year run, Catholic Comments has ceased producing new episodes. The Catholic Comments web site site will remain active for at least one year. All episodes have also been archived here in the CDR by the Creighton University Libraries.

Catholic Comments was an audio program dedicated to the discussion of the Contemporary Catholic Church from an Ignatian perspective. It was hosted by Dr. John J. O’Keefe and Dr. Wendy M. Wright, both members of the theology faculty at Creighton University, a Jesuit, Catholic University in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Center for Catholic Thought at Creighton University was created in 2009. The Center serves students, faculty, staff, and the local Catholic community through a series of programs designed to explore and promote the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

The Center also produced an annual series of short lectures called the “IgniteTalks.” This series was created in 2015 at to honor the memory of Rev. William Harmless, S.J.. They were intended to be an exercise in public theology because they are designed to bring the riches of the Jesuit Catholic heritage to a wider audience. These talks were made possible by generous gifts from the Creighton Jesuit Community, an anonymous donor and with the full support of Creighton’s College of Arts and Sciences. All of the IgniteTalk Videos are included in this archive.


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    God as a Wall of Fire: Walls, Boundaries, and Identity in Egyptian Monasticism
    (Center for Catholic Thought, Creighton University., 2017) Krawiec, Rebecca
    EXCERPT|When thinking about the roles of walls in Egyptian monasticism, I decided to start with a straightforward and yet fundamental point about the roles of walls in religious spaces all together. That they mark out a sacred space by creating a boundary between that sacred and the profane and in doing so it becomes important to a come near that boundary in order to transgress it or approach it through a complex interaction between religious identity and ritual purity. Starting with that fundamental point though, when we turn and we look at walls in Egyptian monasticism, we see a great anxiety about these walls...
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    Improvised Religion: Boundaries and Flow
    (Center for Catholic Thought, Creighton University., 2017) Bivins, Jason
    EXCERPT|So looking to jazz for me was a provocation to the way I study religion. I've also learned that the conceptual tangles that I've tried to present here capture how for the musicians themselves, spirituality or religion, these are manifestations or pursuits of aesthetic experience, but aesthetic experience can't be so easily disentangled from what we might call spiritual or secular or anything else for that matter...
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    Ignite Full Event 2017
    (Center for Catholic Thought, Creighton University., 2017) O'Keefe IV, John J.; Burke-Sullivan, Eileen; Kelly, Tom; VanDyke, Christina; Bivins, Jason; Krawiec, Rebecca
    EXCERPT|John O'Keefe introduces 3rd Annual Ignite Talks|Companian video played in parts throughout event|Eileen Burke-Sullivan gives an invocation|Tom Kelly: 'Borders Within the Heart: Perception, Reflection, and Identity'|Christina VanDyke: 'Hadewijch: Transcending Literary Boundaries'|Jason Bivins: 'Improvised Religion: Boundaries and Flow'|Rebecca Krawiec: 'God as a Wall of Fire: Walls, Boundaries, and Identity in Egyptian Monasticism'
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    Borders Within the Heart: Perception, Reflection, and Identity
    (Center for Catholic Thought, Creighton University., 2017) Kelly, Tom
    EXCERPT|Where do we stand on borders and walls? Every year I guide two groups to visit two different borders. One of those borders is between the Dominican Republic in Haiti and the other is between the United States and Mexico. Participants in my program are not amazed at how we can simply pass through the border gates with no checks, no hassle, no barrier at all. It does not faze them. They have come to expect such easy access. We walk from Arizona into Mexico without even having our passports glanced at. We arranged passage from the DR into Haiti through a company that offers access for a small price. No stamps, no hassle, no problem. Who are we to be able to pass through and around walls with no thought? There are many who see us as members of an empire. A theologian from El Salvador described such an empire in 2004, when he said the following: Today's Empire is the United States...
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    Tiny Cells, Interior Castles: Changing the World From Within
    (Center for Catholic Thought, Creighton University., 2017) VanDyke, Christina
    EXCERPT|This is not a talk about oppression. However, this is a story of three remarkable women: Hadewijch, Catherine of Siena, and Julian of Norwich, who each found their own ways of transcending the walls, both metaphorical and actual, that were set up around them. It's also a talk about how we can learn from their example...