Stereoscopic Skin Clinic Cards and Medical Slides

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The Stereoscopic Skin Clinic Cards and Medical Slides Collection is an educational asset for showing and describing various medical ailments. The stereo cards depict 128 dermatological conditions. Each card includes a visual depiction of the condition and other information such as a description of the condition, diagnoses, and methods of treatment. Dr. Selden Irwin Rainworth was a doctor from New York who chose to capture these skin conditions and present them in this format. With the assistance of a stereoscopic viewer, these cards provide a three-dimensional view of these common skin diseases.

In addition to the collection of Stereoscopic Skin Clinic Cards, this collection also has a set of glass lantern slides. These slides display many different anatomical cross sections of the human body. Some areas pictured include surface anatomy, muscles, internal organs, and skeletal structures.

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      Nasal Chambers
      From Slide 9-16 - Nasal Chamber. Sagittal Section. Showing great variation as to depth, size. External Walls of Nasal Chambers.
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      Nasal Chamber
      From Slide 9-15 - Sagittal section of nasal chamber.
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      Internal Face
      From Slide 9-13 - Internal Face. Horizontal Sections, level of the center of orbits, roofs, floors, of nasal chambers, orbits, sphenoidal sinuses.
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      Roof of Mouth
      From Slide 9-14 - Roof of mouth, posterior portion of nose, pathological opening in hard palate.
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      Internal Face
      From Slide 9-8 - Internal Face. Posterior portion of Frontal Sinuses, two large cells within middle turbinates.