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This is a collection of patents assigned to Creighton University. The list includes expired as well as current patents.

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    Chemical Probes to Identify Anti-Mycobacterial MMPL3 Inhibitors
    (United States Patent Office, 2020-10-22) North, Jeffrey; Pandya, Amitkumar Navinchandra; Jackson, Mary; Li, Wei; Gonzalez-Juarrero, Mercedes; North, Jeffrey; Pandya, Amitkumar Navinchandra
    The present application provides detectable compounds useful for identifying compounds that bind (e.g., inhibit) MmpL3. Methods of identifying compounds that bind and/or inhibit MmpL3 are also provided.
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    Microtubule Polymerization Modulators for Treating LMNA-Related Dilated Cardiomyopathy
    (United States Patent Office, 2018-06-21) Wilcox, Jane Elizabeth; Prenosil, Joshua D.; Prenosil, Joshua D.
    Disclosed are methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treating cardiomyopathies. The disclosed methods and pharmaceutical compositions may be used for treating lamin A/C (LMNA)-related dilated cardiomyopathies (DCM) in a subject in need thereof. The disclosed methods may utilize and the disclosed pharmaceutical compositions may include an effective amount of a modulator of microtubule polymerization such as colchicine.
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    Liposomal Compositions with Light Illumination-Induced Drug Release
    (United States Patent Office, 2021-10-26) Meerovich, Igor; Dash, Alekha; Nichols, Michael; Smith, David; Meerovich, Igor; Dash, Alekha; Nichols, Michael; Smith, David
    Provided herein is a small molecule delivery system with illumination-induced small molecule release based on the binary combination of charged liposomes containing small molecules and oppositely charged conjugates of a peptide with a photosensitizer attached to one end of peptide chain, providing binding to liposomes and their permeabilization upon light illumination.
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    High Resolution Melt-Curve Analysis to Identify the Sequence Type of E. Coli
    (United States Patent Office, 2021-02-02) Hanson, Nancy D.; Harrison, Lucas; Hanson, Nancy D.; Harrison, Lucas
    Methods for differentiating E. coli sequence type 131 are described. In one implementation, a method that employs example techniques in accordance with the present disclosure for determining E. coli sequence type 131 includes amplifying a gene target in the presence of a fluorescent reporter dye; exposing the gene target and the fluorescent reporter dye to an increasing temperature gradient to denature and reduce the helicity of a double-stranded oligo of the gene target; recording fluctuations in fluorescence using a High Resolution Melting analysis (HRM)-capable thermocycler; and producing a melt curve unique to the gene target.
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    Diffusion Cells and Related Methods
    (United States Patent Office, 2020-04-07) Munt, Daniel; Dash, Alekha; Munt, Daniel; Dash, Alekha
    A method of performing a diffusion test includes clamping a membrane to a body such that a first surface of the membrane is in fluid communication with an interior chamber of the body and a second surface of the membrane is exposed to ambient air, flowing a substance through the ambient air such that at least a portion of the substance lands on the second surface while the membrane is vertically oriented, and determining a concentration of the substance in the interior chamber after some of the substance has diffused through the membrane.