School of Law Student Newspapers

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The School of Law Student Newspapers collection archives student-edited newspapers spanning the years 1966 to 2002. Among the titles preserved within this collection are the Docket, Would You Believe, Per Curiam, the Advocate, and the Praetor.

Docket (1966-1976)
Would You Believe (1972)
The Creighton Docket (1976-1979)
Per Curiam (1993-1995)
Advocate (1996-1998)
Praetor (2001-2002)

Historical Records Statement

Materials in this collection are historical in nature. As a result, they may contain stereotypes, such as those related to race, ethnicity, and gender, and other language and imagery that are inappropriate by today’s standards.

Materials and records are retained in order to fully represent the historical record and are presented in their original format, without context, for research in person or through online access. The materials and records are made accessible without endorsing any historical viewpoints.


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