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About the Nebraska Criminal Justice Review
The NCJR is published by Holy Family Ministries 1715 Izard Street, Omaha NE 68102. Views expressed in the Nebraska Criminal Justice Review do not necessarily represent the views of Holy Family Ministries, the members of our Advisory Committee, or anyone who contributes financially to the newsletter.

Mission: To improve public understanding of the criminal justice system in Nebraska and the needs of offenders and victims. To improve communication between those who administer and staff the criminal justice system, those who make plans and laws for it, those who are personally affected by it, and the community which pays for it and should be involved with it.

PUBLICATION NOTE: After a 1½ year break (since January 2018), publication of the NCJR resumed in July 2019, with Mel Beckman returning to his role as Editor. Jeanie Mezger took over the role of editor in March 2023.

VIEWING NOTE: To view all issues in chronological order, select the BROWSE BY "By Issue Date" option at the top of this page. Ascending/ Descending order can be adjusted using the cogwheel in gray box at top right of Issue List. Issues start with the February 2000 issue. To download PDF select desired issue and click on pdf link below the NCJR rectangle at the top left of the issue record.


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    Nebraska Criminal Justice Review: September 2023
    (Holy Family Ministries, Omaha, Neb., 2023-09) Mezger, Jeanie (Editor)
    CONTENTS: Prison Dog Program is Beneficial for All, by Erin McCoy Arellano Reforms that work: The need to implement Smart Justice policies in Nebraska, by Scout Richters Senator Conrad responds to AGl Opinion, by Jeanie Mezger Research Underway on Programming Effectiveness, by Dr. Michael Campagna Untapped Talent: How Second Chance Hiring Works for Your Business and the Community By Jeffrey Korzenik Book Review, by Jeanie Mezger Reading Prisoner Mail: Constitutional Protections of Legal Correspondence with Your Attorney, by Terri L. Crawford Misunderstanding and Misusing Registry Laws Causes Harm, by Jeanie Mezger Know someone in prison? Why not arrange a visit? by Mel Beckman NDCS Could Make Positive Change, by Jeanie Mezger LB 50 is Not Enough, by James Fisher Letters
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    Nebraska Criminal Justice Review: June 2023
    (Holy Family Ministries, Omaha, Neb., 2023-06) Mezger, Jeanie (Editor)
    CONTENTS: Tecumseh Incident Reveals Deep Flaws In Mental Health Response, by Barbara Jessing Calling All Artists: “Art from the Inside” 2023 Exhibit Commissioners approve mental health facility for Douglas County Corrections, by Commissioner Mary Ann Borgeson The Problem of Registered Citizens and Nursing Facilities, by Meg Blair Honoring the Legacy — From Prison to Purpose, by Terri L. Crawford Justice in Action is Happening in Lincoln, by Judy Kelly The Empowerment Network and Omaha Police Department Helping to Reduce Omaha Gun Assaults and Homicides, by Joanna Lindberg Legislative Update: 2023 bills impact-ing Nebraskans who are incarcerated, by Scout Richters Parole and Residence Restrictions, by Jeanie Mezger Letters
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    Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, March 2023
    (Holy Family Ministries, Omaha, Neb., 2023-03) Mezger, Jeanie (Editor)
    CONTENTS: Fear-Mongering Website Contributes to Vigilante Violence, by Jeanie Mezger In Memoriam: Greg Christian Lauby, by Erin McCoy Arellano January 20 Voting Rights Restoration Press Conference for LB20 & LR4CA, by Joanna Lindberg Case Update: ACLU’s Lawsuits Progress on Behalf of Youth Previously Held at the Now-Closed Geneva Facility, by Scout Richters Who Could This Bill Hurt? by Erin McCoy-Arellano Not All Bills Become Law; Very Few Do! by Joanna Lindquist An Opportunity to Report Problems with Tenant Background Checks, by Jeanie Mezger Book Review: Undoing Drugs, by Jeanie Mezger Pickleball Comes to Prison, by Linda Ohri Letters
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    Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, December 2022
    (Holy Family Ministries, Omaha, Neb., 2022-12) Beckman, Mel (editor)
    CONTENTS:|Continuing efforts to limit Solitary Confinement in NDCS, by Scout Richters, ACLU|Christmas for Children of the Incarcerated, by Kathleen Rettig|Book Review: Blind Injustice by Mark Godsey, by Jeanie Mezger|Donating books to NDCS libraries, by Jeanie Mezger|Perceptions of the Heart, by RaShaun Faison 3024074|“More Than A Number” Now What? by Teela A. Mickles, Founder/CEO Compassion In Action Inc. (CIA)|Nebraska Legislators Elected in November 2022, by Joanna Lindberg|There are Two Ways to Change a Child Support Order from Prison. by Muirne Heaney|What is the Inspector General of Corrections? by Doug Koebernick, Inspector General for Corrections|Visitation, by Jeanie Mezger|Shared Experiences get Autobiography of Malcolm X into Prison Libraries, by Erin McCoy-Arellano|Prison Mentors at NCYF Propose Justice Reform, by Mel Beckman|Letters|Annotated Bibliography
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    Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, September 2022
    (Holy Family Ministries, Omaha, Neb., 2022-09) Beckman, Mel (editor)
    CONTENTS:|Voting Rights Restoration in Nebraska, by Scout Richters|We Should Encourage Community Engagement, by Jeanie Mezger|A Crossroads: The Value of Money Depends On Where It Is Spread, by Gregory C. Lauby|Volunteers Needed, by Gregory C. Lauby|Death Certificate (One morning I dreamt a sad dream), by Levi Heilig|HBO Max Documentary Series Covers Case of Wrongfully Accused, DNA-exonerated “Beatrice Six”, by Dawn Irlbeck|A Crossroads Fable – The King and the Virus, by Gregory C. Lauby|Dwayne Tucker – Paying it Forward, by Mel Beckman, Editor, NCJR|What Has Happened to Nebraska’s Juvenile Lifers since 2007? by Mel Beckman, Editor, NCJR|Frightening, High, and Wrong, by Michael Godfrey|Perspective, by Chabre Nathaniel Johnson|Prison Book Program, by Kelly Brotzman| Letters|Annotated Bibliography